Our Extensive Programmes
Eating well and being active are key to leading a happy and healthy life. We know this. Our own experiences have led us to offer a structured approach to ‘looking after yourself better’.

Diet and exercise can impact on many aspects of our health, both physically and mentally, and we firmly believe are massively under-used in the battle to improve the wellbeing of the nation.

Working with you for a better lifestyle
We are firmly convinced that eating well and being physically active are the essential ingredients for recovery, improvement and a happier, healthier life.

We know this from personal experience, so our Be Well and Stay Well courses are designed to help you ‘look after yourself better’. But, you won’t be alone, because we’ll be with you all the way, advising you and encouraging you. And, we provide ongoing Aftercare.

Be Well
A free 10-week course for people recovering from addiction or dependency
Be Well is a weekly 2-hour course for a maximum number of 10 participants who are in addiction recovery. In Cheshire, we hold the course at the YMCA in Crewe (Gresty Road). The group number is small so that we can work with each person individually.

During the course, we will work with you to help you understand who, where, what, when and why you are addicted or in substance dependence. We know that your mental health and your physical condition will have suffered because of the addiction, so we will give you the tools to reverse the process and start living again through your own personal choice.

Qualified instructors and facilitators will guide, encourage and monitor your progress through suitable exercise programmes. You will learn about health and fitness, food and nutrition and relaxation and meditation through practical, hands-on sessions and online classes.

In between the weekly YMCA sessions, we’ll stay in contact to support you through regular individual counselling and guidance calls, together with a Tuesday group Talktime session.

At the end of the course, we will hold a graduation day at Crewe Alexandra Football Club for people who have completed the Be Well programme.

By completing the Be Well programme, you will be able to make the important decisions about your life for yourself. But, we won’t abandon you at that point because we don’t want all that personal growth to go to waste. Aftercare is an essential part of our programme. So we recommend our Stay Well course as the next important step.

Stay Well
A 10-week paid course for anyone wishing to improve their health or continue recovery
Stay Well is a progressive 10-week course for groups of up to 10 people that is held weekly at a local gym for 2 hours. Participants pay an affordable fee for this course.

This is a follow-on course for people who have completed Be Well, but it’s also suitable for anyone who wishes to improve their general physical or mental health. The emphasis in Stay Well is on personal training together with in-depth sessions on food and nutrition.

Qualified instructors will provide dietary advice, guidance on progressive exercise and an introduction to relaxation and meditation techniques. Participants can also take advantage of telephone support, counselling and Talktime as an option.

Benefits of the courses
Taking part in the Be Well and Stay Well courses will help you develop new habits and routines that can change your lifestyle:
• You will understand how, when and what to eat for a healthy and active life while still enjoying some of your favourite foods
• You will learn how to structure meals to support your personal goals and improve your fitness, whatever your starting point
• You will discover the benefits of progressive exercise in a safe, supportive environment, which will build your confidence to continue going forward in the future

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