Personalised guidance
Throughout the Be Well and Stay Well courses we provide one-to-one guidance to ensure every participant gets the greatest possible benefit from the course. Each week we will work with you to tailor the course elements to your personal needs and progress.

We back this up with regular one-to-one telephone support and the weekly online Talktime sessions where you have the opportunity to discuss progress and find out if you need extra support.

We can also help you with guidance on voluntary job opportunities through our growing network of community organisations. If you have aspirations to fulfil your personal ambitions, we can help you develop a plan to achieve your objectives.

Telephone support during the course
We will keep in regular contact with you be phone during the 12-week Be Well course. We understand that it can be difficult and sometimes confusing when changes in behaviour, attitudes and moods occur. So through the regular call, we aim to keep you motivated and drive you towards a new set of goals, while talking you through any issues you might be facing.

Additionally, please refer to the Aftercare section for further support.