Relaxation & Meditation

Meditation nourishes the mind in the same way that food nourishes the body
Every week we will run an online Relaxation and Meditation/Breathwork (better breathing techniques) class for people to enjoy in the comfort of their own homes. We will help individuals develop certain techniques to assist their journey into a more balanced sense of general well-being to enjoy greater ‘Peace of mind’.

The class will help you understand and enjoy the many scientifically proven benefits of these relaxation techniques:

The benefits of meditation include:
• improved self-awareness, concentration and focus on the present
• increased patience and tolerance
• greater creativity and mindfulness
• reduced negativity and harmful emotions
• better management of stress (such as the alignment technique which will be used for 5 minutes at the end of the exercise classes)

Relaxation can help you in different ways, including:
• slower heart rate
• improved digestion
• better maintenance of blood sugar levels
• reduced muscular tension
• increased blood flow to major muscles

By improving your breathing technique, you will benefit from:
• more balanced blood pressure
• correctly functioning immune system
• reduced stress on the nervous system
• improved quality of sleep
• reduced impact from traumas

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