One–to-one counselling
We believe that personal counselling is an essential step in helping uncover and deal with the real causes and issues that are at the heart of mental health problems. That’s why we offer one–to-one mental health counselling as an optional part of our Be Well course.

The counselling is delivered by a specialist mental health facilitator and covers a wide range of issues, including:
• addiction – alcohol, drugs, gambling, food, sex, pornography, spending and cross addiction
• bereavement – grief, loss, trauma and family issues
• anxiety, depression, anger issues, resentment, fear, sadness and guilt
• confidence and self-worth issues, loss of purpose, loneliness, loss of identity and need to please people
• sexual abuse and trauma, infidelity, sexual betrayal, jealousy, need to please people and attachment
• change of sexual desires, fear of intimacy and gender issues
• health issues

We use different techniques to provide counselling that meets individual needs and provides a non-judgemental, empathetic service. We aim to build recognition and better understanding of long-term mental health problems while identifying the solutions that will help people develop effective coping strategies to everyday living.