Talktime – sharing your challenges
Talktime is a weekly online discussion group which we host on Tuesday evenings between 7:30 and 9:30. Each week, before Talktime, we will email everyone to give them a few days to think about the topic(s) under discussion. During the session we encourage everyone on the call to think and open up to others about what’s on their mind:
• How do you feel?
• What are you thinking about in relation to your challenges?
• What do you hope for or desire?
• What are you struggling with?
• How are your habits and patterns changing?
• What have you found useful in dealing with your challenges?
• What works for you and what doesn’t?

Through discussion like this, we can help each other develop a wider understanding of the range of challenges we all face, while communicating this comfortably without the constraints of confidentiality.

Sessions like Talktime are motivational and help break down barriers. Everyone needs a chance to speak and topical group therapy is a useful tool — it helps build a person’s confidence, especially if they are feeling shy about being involved, or just don’t think they’ve got much to say.

On the flip side it is also important to listen — “learn to listen, listen to learn”. We will aim to help people realise the necessity of finding the balance between the two.