“I signed up to do the Be Well course, thinking it was a long course. However, it went too quick. It was packed full of useful information and practical ideas, to change entrenched habits. I remember Will’s words (course instructor) “if you can’t make something a 10 to achieve, alter it so you will make it a 10”. Absolutely fantastic course and would benefit all walks of people. Thanks BWSW, thoroughly enjoyable course.”
– Shelley W

“The Be Well programme was extremely welcoming and supportive. They understood our personal goals and helped us to achieve them through the weeks that followed and the community it created. The relaxed vibe the course helped as I felt I wasn’t shamed, but accepted.”
– Peter H

“I joined the Be Well course with very little understanding about food and nutrition, but now I have learnt so much. The course was very informative, I now have a better understanding about what my body needs. The course was very accessible with it being on Zoom as well as in the YMCA in Crewe. Will was an amazing coach, he was so helpful and really took the time to explain things thoroughly, which helped me learn a lot. Thank you BWSW.”
– Kelly T

“The Be Well, Stay Well group has been fantastic and it came along at a perfect time in my life. I’m a person who is in recovery and sometimes getting the right type of nutrition and working on ways to make sure I’m eating food that I enjoy, but still eat healthy, which due to my current health issues (decompensated liver cirrhosis) Giles and Will have put together an amazing thing that is helping not just in eating right which is now a very important part of my daily life. Whereas the information I was given on a 1 hour visit to the GP about what I should and shouldn’t be eating came in a small leaflet and a GP nutritionist giving me some powdered milkshake stuff and that was it… so going on this course Will has been brilliant in understanding my specific needs and helping me understand what I am actually eating and how nutrition works. They break the course down in easy to follow steps and guides that don’t just say “5 a day and don’t eat cake”, I understand how things work in the body now. Also I suffer with pretty bad insomnia and this course is not just about the nutrition… through the great work Giles does in his support sessions and one-to-one support being fantastic my sleep and my overall daily energy have improved in a big way. You can tell that Giles and Will are presenting this course not just due to training in it but that this is coming from people who have lived the experience in all that I have learnt and that means a lot to me as they understand and can relate to not just me but to all of the great people who I’ve met and have become friends with… now its like being part of a family and that makes me happy all of us helping each other.”
– Stephen H

“The Course was very informative. Will is brilliant ! Very sociable, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and professional. I learnt a lot of important things over the weeks. I am eating three meals a day now, which I wasn’t before. I have started eating fruit and veg again, and I am hoping to join a gym. The programme handouts are great for reference when writing a shopping list. This information has given me confidence to feel I am informed enough in my quest to get healthier.”
– Johnny O

“BWSW does what it says on the tin… it doesn’t whitewash nutrition; rather it gives a sound knowledge of food & drink, especially emphasising that no particular food is bad and that a balanced diet is required. We were taught to be confident in preparing our own individual diet. It has given me a better understanding of enjoying a more holistic approach to life. I am less worried about day-to-day things and am now able to put things into perspective much easier. I am more relaxed about food… no more “I have eaten some chocolate and therefore I have failed, so let’s forget healthy eating and so carry on eating chocolate to excess”. I am now in control and am no longer relying on slimming magazines telling me what I can and cannot have. I have started daily journaling to help control my diet and improve my sleep by planning and following advice from the course.” (Since the end of the Course this lady has gained full employment having found new levels of independence and confidence).
– Jospehine C

“The content was extremely well thought out and very well addressed and delivered. It was accommodating for people at all levels of ability. I wasn’t sure at the beginning if I would be able to participate well or contribute to the group because of my emotional and mental health, however my strength increased as the course progressed and now I am able to set personal goals in a more structured way. Not only did we grow individually but also as a ‘Team’.”
– Lois C

“I enjoyed learning and understanding more about food groups and how they are beneficial to my emotional management. I found learning about Calories very useful. I needed to put weight on and I gained half a stone. As I am now eating better I am managing my time better and my energy and emotional levels are more balanced.”
– Mike E

“The content was concise and digestible and overall it was a friendly and inclusive atmosphere. It’s given me a more detailed knowledge of subjects I was already interested in and it has helped me tweak certain dietary choices.”
– Mike R

“I have just completed the Stay Well 8 week programme and really enjoyed it. Will taught the group so much with regards to nutrition and habit building, he broke it all down into easy to understand weekly presentations. This was followed by a 30 minute barbell class which was equally as enjoyable. I would recommend Will as a PT and his course to anyone new or old to fitness and nutrition… whatever their goal.”
– Rhiannon A

“The Stay Well course was well structured, informative and Will was always at hand to answer any questions. Great value for money and well worth parting with for what this course provided. Can’t wait to carry on working with Will to the next step of my journey.”
– Melissa B