About us

Our founders
Giles Campbell and Will Atkins have worked together for many years. They understand the challenges people face with their physical and mental health – and the way to overcome them.

Giles went through his own period of addiction and dependency, but realised things had to change. Despite the lack of support available, he recognised that poor diet and lack of exercise were just making the problem worse. Changing that proved to be one of the most important keys to his recovery.

Will is a health, nutrition and fitness specialist with the experience and knowledge to offer expert advice on recovery.

Our approach
Through our own experience with government, charitable, not-for-profit, religious and other organisations aiming to support people with personal challenges, we recognised that there was a gap in the availability of services to address the key issues of nutrition and exercise.

Our approach is different. As a Community Health Initiative we take a unique holistic approach to recovery from addiction or poor health. We concentrate on helping people adopt a better, more positive way of thinking and focus on changing and improving their lifestyle.

Through discussion, guidance and counselling we help people become self-reliant, motivated and productive, take personal responsibility for their health and adopt a positive outlook, so they can regain real purpose in their lives.

In our Be Well and Stay Well courses, we take small groups of up to 10 participants back to basics. We start to improve their physical and mental health, through a health and fitness programme combined with an educational programme on food and nutrition, and an introduction to relaxation and meditation to develop concentration and a better mindset. Throughout the courses we provide aftercare, ongoing motivational support and opportunities for discussion.

Our community operations
Be Well, Stay Well is a Community Interest Company based in Cheshire. We are a social enterprise that uses our profits and assets for community good by encouraging and supporting community-driven projects. We have a team of specialist advisers and links with a network of community organisations.

Our priority is to work within communities to encourage and nurture Asset-Based Community Development. We aim to achieve that by working with community groups, building on the assets that are found in our communities and helping to motivate and mobilise individuals, associations, and institutions to come together to realise and develop their strengths.

In Cheshire, we deliver our weekly person-to-person programmes at the YMCA in Crewe. However, our operations are technology-based so they can be delivered throughout the country in partnership with like-minded organisations.

Our discussion groups and counselling, for example, can be delivered through phone calls or Zoom meetings, and we can advise on suitable types of venue for person-to-person meetings.