We’re getting there with Funding, and Community Partnerships!

We are proud to say that our passion is beginning to pay off! Since the recent appointment of Eliza to the Board of Directors (who has been working tirelessly to write our grant applications) we have been successful in acquiring two grants, one from Bentley Motors Social Fund ‘Charities Aid Foundation’ and the other from the Police & Crime Commissioner Cheshire ‘Community Cashback Fund’. We are now on target to meet our goals to acquire enough funding to roll out another ‘Be Well’ Programme within the next month or so. Our projections for funding for the year are reasonable taking into account the numbers of participants we have projected in our first year. However those numbers may change!

Fortunately we are proud to be teaming up with a TOP 100 UK Social Enterprise called Pathways CIC (an NHS commissioned organisation) who operate within GP surgeries offering referral based services that would otherwise take GP’s time to discover. This is called ‘Social Prescribing’ and this referral system is going to be precious to our plan. We can see that we are navigating through darker skies towards a brighter future for those people in society who can benefit from a ‘joined up thinking approach’ between organisations who truly believe ‘that there is a solution out there’ for those who want help but haven’t been able to get it so far. Our philosophy is simple, ‘By working together within the ‘Asset Based Communities Development’ approach we can provide something for those which seemed impossible only a short time ago’.

Anyone reading this with a ‘Pot of Gold’ please do not hesitate to get in touch. We can ALL do great things for everyone.

March 13 2023