We are now a Community Interest Company!

First of all can we apologise for taking so long to add more news information about our progress. We’ve been a bit busy! From now on we will be posting ‘our news updates’ fairly frequently.

We are proud to announce that Be Well, Stay Well is now a CIC (Community Interest Company). We decided to convert to this status to be a fully transparent organisation working within communities. Naturally we remain a ‘not for profit’ organisation with our Community Health Programme.

We are working tirelessly to connect with other organisations who will be able to add value to our operations, and organisations who can also benefit their own operations by teaming up with BWSW. This Asset Based Community Development is a very important part of our plans, to provide our clients with benefits and opportunities during their time with us, as well as creating a fully supportive ‘Community Health Program’.

September 02 2022