Be Well, Stay Well is live

Well after all this time

Here we are! At long last. A long time coming.

Here’s an idea of time? 3 1/2 yrs Me and Will have spent waiting to give you all our indulgent treats. It’s quite a while to wait. Don’t ….

All Will change for always. Everything is in the making as the stupendous Web site designer and his team of usual suspects upon trying to drag us to this point, have got us here!

Without Phelan Barker we wouldn’t have made it. I feel it necessary to give PB a sound rouse of applause; James has been a Yoda amongst fair weather fascinators, and Kevin who’s the gospel according to code- apparently! It’s nice to work with people who are really human.

Yet we must have to say, the entire team of fabulous efforts across the globe, from London and elsewhere in the UK during lockdown, to Australia during equal duress, we feel that has made us exactly now why we are going live to everyone out there. Our prowess in the field of adversity places us in the most befitting and absolutely the most capable of brilliant places to gift a set of team individuals to allow us the possibilities which are now endless, and the most important part, to benefit all! sexuality, man, woman, young, old.

Sign up, let us know, if you’ve got that gnawing irritation for a better life.

Less is more sometimes, unless less is empty of needing more.

April 01 2022